Why you need to add prebiotic juice to your morning routine

Why you need to add prebiotic juice to your morning routine

Whether it’s opening up our gratitude journal, taking a walk around the block or getting one of our five a day, lots of us want to start our morning off right. Beginning healthy habits as soon as we wake up can make a real difference to our day which is why many of us start the day trying to eat healthy. However, we think it’s worth upping your juice game and making our prebiotic juice an essential part of your morning routine. Here’s why…

Juice has lots of health benefits.

Juicing is a convenient way to get lots of fruits (and veggies!) into your day in one easy drink. The act of juicing removes some of the fiber and leaves behind the nutrients-this makes it ideal for those who may not be able to tolerate lots of fiber at once (for example, those with bowel conditions) from eating a rainbow of fruits and vegetables whole but still have lots of benefits.

Not everyone has the time to shop, prep and slice for lots of fruit either so juicing is one quick and simple habit you can implement instead. One study has found that drinking mixed fruit and vegetable juice increases a ton of important nutrient levels in our blood-such as vitamin C, E and folate(1) making it a great way to stay healthy. Vitamin C is found in lots of fruit juice in particular and is thought to boost your immunity.

Prebiotics are a must for your gut

Prebiotics, which help feed the good bacteria in our guts, have tons of benefits-so adding them to our juice makes it a win-win situation. Prebiotics are thought to help a range of bowel conditions-with it being particularly effective for those who have IBS-C and are prone to constipation; with studies showing taking prebiotics helped with the frequency of stools and improving gut transit time. (2) Prebiotics are thought to support overall gut health as well as having an impact on other parts of the body too.

Our juices use a range of prebiotics-such as chicory root and guar fiber-to ensure you get the maximum gut health benefits with every sip.

Prebiotics can help with heart health

Prebiotics have plenty of other health benefits too. They can support your immune system and are thought to help both prevent obesity and slash your cholesterol levels. The prebiotic fiber inulin, which can be found in the chicory root we add to our juice, was found to decrease LDL cholesterol (which is sometimes dubbed the ‘bad’ cholesterol and can raise your risk of heart disease) in females in one study (3). Inulin is also thought to help with those who have pre-diabetes (which is when your blood sugar is higher than normal but not high enough to be diagnosed with diabetes) (4). Drinking a prebiotic juice each morning will help feed the good bacteria you naturally eat from a varied diet (focus on fruit, veg, seeds, nuts and wholegrains) as well as to help improve your overall well being.

It’s a great way to get a fiber boost

Prebiotics are also types of fiber-which means they also help with moving food through your digestive tract to get rid of toxins from your body. Our juices have between 6-8g of fiber per glass and contain three different types of fiber: organic guar fiber; organic chicory root and organic kiwi fiber. Getting fiber into your diet first thing is a great idea: not only does fiber help your gut health but it can also slow down the absorption of glucose-so you don’t get a sugar crash an hour after breakfast which can cause you to feel irritable and even hangry! It can also help you feel fuller for longer so you’re less likely to head to the vending machine at 10am!

Prebiotic juices are best

Fruit juices are an ideal way to deliver prebiotics to your gut. Not only do you get the benefits of a range of fruits and veggies (which themselves may be a prebiotic-common prebiotics include apples, bananas and asparagus) but the added prebiotic boost alongside is the perfect kickstart to your gut health when drunk first thing. What’s more, having them in a liquid form means you don’t need to stress about taking a supplement or making a complicated breakfast.

We hope we’ve shown you just how beneficial prebiotics can be for your wellbeing and why a prebiotic juice is the perfect thing to add to your morning routine!

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